Technology and Innovations as a long-term investment

We clearly see opportunities and prospects, we feel the trends, we monitor technological innovations. So that every new day could bring the long-term growth of your assets.

Who we are

Blackshield Capital Management is a managing company of a Hedge Fund Blackshield Exponential Technologies LP.
Having a strong background in asset management, we are now focused on investing in stocks of innovative companies and technology sector with a potential for exponential growth.
We combine experience, sophistication, connections and a range of investment solutions with the client-centric focus of an independent investment boutique.

Our mission

Our mission is to protect and increase our clients' capital. To help them obtain reliance in a constantly changing world, investing together with professionals, responsibly managing their assets.

Let global technologies work for you

Let global technologies work for you

Remaining above the process we keep our vision clear. Sticking to a long-term strategy, not giving in to emotions. We feel the mutual influence of the markets, currencies, capital and securities, tracking their intersections. And we are ready to share this vision with you.

Our approach
and strategy

We believe, there’s only one way to achieve maximum possible income with minimal risks for us and our clients, and it is an in-depth and complex understanding of the business we invest in. That’s why we know everything about our portfolio companies.

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Why us

Blackshield is a fair fund which shares motivation with each of our clients. Blackshield is an open platform combining experience of top managers and owners with knowledge of analysts. We keep an ear to the ground collaborating with SingularityU Kyiv community. We invest in the future and choose responsible investment.

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Investment Philosophy

Innovations & technology

We see innovations and technology as a long-term investment that grants confidence in a constantly changing world. We use a combination of standard analytical approach and meticulous analysis of the technology and innovations that will be the trigger for exponential growth.

Justified risk

Our disciplined, pragmatic approach emphasizes taking only the justified risk. We pursue consistent performance, we see a long-term perspective, we have a strong understanding of financial markets and their interconnections.

Global economy

We help our clients to protect and increase their assets due to the global economy changes. In fact, we help them to enrich their understanding and to change together with the world.

Investment strategy

Investment strategy

No matter how the world economy storms, Blackshield's investment strategy remains balanced.

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